Room temperature vulcanized methyl silicone rubber  

1, Technical standard: Room temperature vulcanized methyl silicone rubber Executive HGT3313-2000 standards, 
Appearance: colorless transparent viscous liquid, 
Viscosity (mpa.s) (250 ℃): 2000 ~ 120000 
Volatiles (150 ℃, 3 小时) (%) ≤2.0 
Surface curing time (25 ℃) (hr) ≤2 
2 Features 
Methyl RTV silicone rubber (raw rubber) is a colorless transparent viscous liquid, adding an appropriate amount of raw rubber vulcanization agent (or catalyst and crosslinking agent), at room temperature or can be vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone rubber crosslinked vulcanized rubber with excellent resistance to high temperature performance, can be regularly used in the temperature range of -60 ~ 200 ℃, the main resistance to weathering, ozone resistance, resistance to radiation, chemical stability, silicone rubber as well as excellent electrical insulation properties, waterproof Seismic and physiologically inert and so on. 
3. Product Uses 
Vulcanized rubber methyl RTV silicone rubber has an extremely wide range of applications, application areas throughout the aerospace, electrical and electronics, metallurgical machinery, transportation, instrumentation, textile and light industry, food, medicine and other industrial sectors, is widely used as construction sealants, plastic mold, also used as a high temperature adhesive.

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