Methyl trichloro silicane (M1) 

Product name: Methyl trichloro silicane 
Molecular formula: CH3SiC13 
Product Appearance: 
Colorless, transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities. Has a pungent odor, easy deliquescence. 
Methyl trichloro silicane is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid smoke made in moist air, soluble in benzene, ether, in case of fire , heat or contact with oxidants, combustion caused a risk of explosion. Moisture heat or heat liberation and emit toxic corrosive of hydrogen chloride gas is corrosive. 
Main Uses: 
Methyl trichloro silicane is the basic raw material of silicone products, mainly for the production of methyl triethoxysilane, methyl trimethoxysilane crosslinking agents, silicone resin, specialty coatings, building water repellent carbon black and fumed The main raw material. 
Packaging and transportation to 200L metal pail. 
Transport and storage: 
This product should be stored in a cool dry place, avoid contact with the acid base , , alcohol, water and the like, pay attention to water, fire, heat. Avoid the sun when rain , goods transport, dangerous goods storage and transportation. 
Technical index:


First grade Qualified product
Methyl trichloro silicane's mass fraction /% ≥ 99.0 98.0
Trimethyl chloro silicane's mass fraction /% ≥ 0.1 0.3
Silicon tetrachloride's mass fraction /% ≥ 0.1 0.3

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