High pure hydrochloric acid 

Product performance: high purity hydrochloric acid is pure aqueous hydrogen chloride solution, which is a volatile acid, it is easy to have a pungent odor and most metals and metal oxides react. 
Main Uses: has been widely used in metallurgy, textile, leather, food and other industries, in addition, the application can also be used to adjust the production of caustic soda electrolysis anolyte PH value, recycled resin column, medicine and other high-purity products. 
Packaging, transportation and storage 
Packaging: The product PVC bucket or glass, steel cans sealed packaging. 
Transport and storage: When this product transportation or storage, shall not be mixed with other items shipped or mixed storage. 
Safety requirements: human contact must wear glasses, acid-resistant gloves and other protective equipment. 
Quality standard HG / T2778-2009

Item Index
Top grade First grade
Total Acidity (as HCl),% ≥ 31.0 31.0
Calcium (as Ca), mg / L ≤ 0.20 0.50
Magnesium (as Mg), mg / L ≤ 0.05 0.10
Iron (as Fe), mg / L ≤ 0.30 2.0
Evaporation residue, mg / L ≤ 15.0 30.0
Free chlorine, mg / L ≤ 20.0 40.0

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