Dichloroethane (chemical formula: C2H4Cl2, Cl (CH2) 2 Cl, type: 98.97), the ethylene dichloride, is one of the types of halogenated hydrocarbon, common DCE said.Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid melting temperature 35.7 ℃, boiling point 83.5 ℃, the density of 1.235 g/cm after, flash point 17 ℃.Poorly soluble in water is mainly used for vinyl chloride) (PVC monomer in the process of preparing intermediates, also used as a solvent and so on.It is colorless at room temperature have similar smell of chloroform liquid, toxic, potentially carcinogenic, solvent alternatives may include 1, oxygen mixed cyclohexane and toluene.Used as a solvent and manufacturing, trichloroethane intermediate.Used as a solvent and wax, fat, rubber and other grain pesticides.

English name  Dichloroethane
Don't say ethylene dichloride;Ethylene dichloride.Ene worm ethyl ester
The CAS login number 107-06-2.
EINECS registration number 203-458-1
Safety description S45
Dangerous symbol 7 (flash point of flammable liquid)
Describe the R11 risk
The international no. 32035
InChI1 / C2H4Cl2 / c3-2 h2 / h1-1-2-4
RTECS KI0175000 no.
The HS code 2903191010
UN no. 1184
IMDG rules page 3205
Through 1.4448
The refractive index of 1.4167
Saturated vapor pressure of 15.33 kPa / 10 ℃
The critical temperature of 261.5 ℃
The critical pressure of 5.05 MPa
Heat of combustion 1244.8 kj/mol
1. Mainly used for vinyl chloride;Ethylene glycol;Oxalic acid;Ethylenediamine.Tetraethyl lead;Ethylene polyamine and dibenzoyl materials.Also used as a grease;Resin;Rubber solvent, dry cleaners, pesticides in addition to the early chrysanthemum element;Caffeine;Vitamin;Hormone extraction agent, wetting agent, soaking agent, oil dewaxing, earthquake resistant agent, also used for pesticide manufacturing and drug extermination ning;The raw material of pp bi lamictal.Can be used as a food on agriculture;Fumigants grain;Soil disinfectant, etc.
2. Used in the analysis of the boron, grease and the extracting agent of tobacco.Also used for manufacturing acetyl cellulose.
3. Used as analytical reagent, such as solvent, chromatography analysis standard material.Also used for oil extraction system, and used in organic synthesis.
4. A detergent, extraction agent, pesticides and metal to take off the oil, etc.
5. Used as a solvent and wax, fat, rubber and other grain pesticides.

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