Molecular formula: CHCL3
Relative Molecular mass: 119.38
Properties: colorless volatile liquid with a special sweet smell, Vapor toxic, a strong narcotic effect Relative Density:. D4201.489Kg / L, Boiling point: 61.3 ℃, Melting point: -63.2 ℃, ignition point: above 1000 ℃, slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene. trichloromethane and water hydrolysis reaction will occur, commodity trichloromethane contain stabilizers to prevent decomposition. trichloromethane is not flammable, but contact with the flame burning will emit phosgene. 
Uses: used in the preparation of chlorodifluoromethane HCFC-22 (Freon F22); triethyl orthoformate fat for medical and pharmaceutical intermediates; solvents; for the synthesis of dyes, spices, raw materials and fine chemical synthesis products. 
Packaging, storage, transport:. Trichloromethane galvanized iron or sealed packaging trichloromethane storage tank should be placed in a cool dry place, the Treasury should have ventilation and avoid contact with water to prevent hydrolysis transport People's Republic of China shall comply with the relevant roads, railways. of dangerous chemicals transportation regulations. 
Health and Safety: trichloromethane major hazards to humans is a narcotic effect, a large number of inhaled can damage the human respiratory system, heart, liver and kidney trichloromethane will moderate skin irritation. 
Quality standard Q/0523 JLH003-2011

Item Index
Top grade First grade Qualified product
Trichloromethane 's mass fractiona/% ≥ 99.95 99.90 99.80
Carbon tetrachloride's mass fraction/% ≤ 0.04 0.08 0.20
Moisture's mass fraction/% ≤ 0.010 0.010 0.020
Acid (as HCl) 's mass fraction/% ≤ 0.0004 0.0006 0.0010
Chroma/Hazen (Pt-Co#) ≤ 10 15 25
a. Trichloromethane 's mass fraction contains now additives.

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