Hydrogen peroxide 

Product name: hydrogen peroxide
Chemical formula: H2O2 
CAS No .: 7722-84-1 
EINECS RN: 231-765-0 
Physical and chemical properties 
Appearance and properties: colorless transparent aqueous liquid with a faint characteristic odor of pure hydrogen peroxide is light blue, oily liquid. 
Main components: Industrial grade is divided into 27.5% and 35% of the two Melting point (℃):. -0.89 ℃ (anhydrous) 
Boiling point (℃): 152.1 ℃ (anhydrous); refractive index: 1.4067 (25 ℃) 
Relative Density (water = 1): 1.46 (anhydrous) 
Saturated Vapor Pressure (kPa): 0.13 (15.3 ℃) 
Solubility: energy, ethanol or ether mixed with water in any ratio is not soluble in benzene, petroleum ether. 
Structure: HOOH no chirality, since the O -OO- not the lowest oxidation state, so unstable, easily disconnect 
A solution containing hydrogen ions, while hydrogen peroxide ions under the influence of the root will generate hydroxide ions, wherein the hydrogen ion concentration is greater than the hydroxide ion concentration. 
Toxicity LD50 (mg / kg): rat subcutaneous 700; Explosion risk: This product combustion, with a strong irritant. 
Main Uses 
May have oxidation or reduction under different circumstances. Available oxidants, bleach, disinfectants, dechlorination agent, and for rocket fuel, organic or inorganic peroxide, foam and other porous substances. 
Medical hydrogen peroxide (3% or less) is a good disinfectant. 
Industrial use is around 10% for bleaching, and as a strong oxidant, dechlorination agent, fuel and so on. 
O2 experimental system used materials.

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