Methylal clarify colorless volatile flammable liquid, trichloromethane odor and pungent (Water Solubility32% when 20 ℃) was dissolved in water three times; For base is relatively stable; when heated with dilute hydrochloric acid, easily decomposed into Formaldehyde and methanol . Methylal mucous membrane irritation, anesthetic effects Inhalation Vapor may cause nose and throat stimulation;.... Inhalation of high concentrations, dizziness and other eye damage, damage for several days long skin contact can cause skin drying Methylal contact with air or in the light conditions can generate peroxide potentially explosive nature. Chemical formula C3H8O2; CH2 (OCH3) 2  Molecular weight 76.1;  Product name Methylal; dimethoxymethane; formal  CAS RN 109-87-5 Methylal (109-87-5) has excellent physical and chemical properties, namely good solubility, low Boiling point, good compatibility with water, can be widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household goods, automotive supplies industry, pesticides, leather polish, detergents, rubber industry, paints, inks and other products, but also because Methylal (109-87-5) has a good ability to oil and volatile, as a cleaning agent can replace the F11 and F113 and chlorinated solvents, Therefore an alternative Freon, reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions, reduce air pollution and environmental protection products.  ⑴ used in pesticide formulations in pesticide formulations they use amine Ju fat, permethrin, cypermethrin efficient, deltamethrin insecticide intended Ju fat lipids, they are difficult in deodorized kerosene and water groups dissolve, so often the first to use additives, such as Dichloromethane, xylene, acetone and isopropanol and then dissolved formulated pesticides. Methylal lipid solubility of pyrethroids is better than that of the solvent, and low cost, but also substitute containing chlorinated solvents.  ⑵ leather polish, car polish formulation applications. Leather polish formulations generally use a small amount of solid wax, microcrystalline wax, beeswax, carnauba wax, etc., using Dichloromethane, solvent gasoline, turpentine to dissolve in often more difficult, and easy stratified, so that product quality is unstable. After using Methylal, the solvent can improve performance, improve quality, and the volatile fast, easy to use in the automotive polish formulations also the same situation, in particular Methylal of Water solubility characteristics, to improve the stability of emulsifying wax play a significant role.  ⑶ air freshener formulation application in the market on the sale of air freshener flavor commonly used ethanol as a solvent miscible with propane and butane reached, with the use of more ethanol, the impact of smell with air freshener after using Methylal, can greatly improve the solubility flavor, reduce the amount of ethanol to improve the flavor freshener, reducing emissions of VOCs, especially for dry mist type air freshener, use a small amount of Methylal can make the flavor propane miscible, to better reflect the dry mist type of "dry."  ⑷ Application ribbons formulation in ribbon formulations mainly using polymer polyacrylic acid lipid solid material, the original formula using F11 as a solvent. With Freon disabled, use Methylal as solvent, the solubility can be achieved, Volatile quick goal.  ⑸ used in electronic equipment cleaning agent formulation. Production of F11 and F113 are mostly used as the main raw material, with the Freon is disabled, it will also be replaced Methylal.  ⑹ Methylal can be used for grease, wax, nitrocellulose, natural resins, rosin, tall oil, most synthetic resins, polystyrene, vinyl acetate polymers and copolymers, polyesters, acrylates, vinylidene acrylate, polyamine quantitative resins, epoxy resins, chlorinated rubber dissolved.  ⑺ Methylal with a small amount of alcohol, ester or ketone mixed solvent can get synergies. These characteristics make it particularly suitable as Methylal paints and varnishes formulations, glues and adhesives, inks and all kinds of aerosol products additives so that the products get good homogeneous phase.  In addition, it can be used as a fuel additive, after adding fuel to the combustion performance has improved significantly, and reducing harmful emissions in the air conditioning refrigerant freon also be used as a substitute.

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