Methyl vinyl silicone rubber (110 rubber) 

1, Technical standard: (HGT3312-2000)

110-1 110-2 110-3
Molecular weight (10K) 45 to 59 60 to 70 45 to 59 60 to 70 45 to 59 60 to 70
Vinyl content (as mol%) (%) 0.07 ~ 0.12 0.13 ~ 0.18 0.19 ~ 0.24
Volatiles (150 ℃ × 3 小时) (%) ≤ 3.0

2 Features 
Methyl vinyl silicone rubber is colorless, odorless, non-toxic jelly, adding an appropriate amount of raw rubber reinforcing agent, control agent and a curing agent (or catalyst and crosslinking agent), it is made by kneading kneading glue. mix is available molding, extrusion, casting and other methods to be processed into a variety of silicone rubber products, silicone rubber vulcanized rubber with excellent resistance to high temperature performance, long-term use in the temperature range of -60 ~ 250 ℃, its resistance to weathering, ozone resistance, resistance to radiation, chemical stability, silicone rubber also has excellent electrical insulation properties, water-repellent, moisture, shock and physical inertia, etc. If you add some other additives in the mix, you can also make vulcanized rubber has many new features. 

3. Product Uses 
Methyl vinyl silicone rubber vulcanized rubber has an extremely wide range of applications, application areas throughout the aerospace, electrical and electronics, metallurgical machinery, transportation, instrumentation, textile and light industry, food, medicine and other industrial sectors, is widely used as wire insulation, high temperature gaskets, pipe; anti-adhesive roll; conductive rubber products, etc., application of silicone rubber can greatly improve the reliability and safety of the silicone rubber in the health sector also has a wide range of applications.

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